An Illustrated Map Featuring Manchester’s Most Iconic and Growing Tech Industries


The Concept

The original map concept We gained inspiration from came from Amy Chhom of  The Chhom Group.


Amy created a visual in 2017 that documented the quick growth of the technology industry within the Millyards of Manchester, NH. She wanted to show people the progress which often goes unnoticed due to the historic nature of the Millyard.

The originals map was shared over 80,000 times on social media. It has since become a tool for tech companies and talent scouting organizations throughout the region.


We see this tool being used as an economic driver.

In addition to spreading awareness about the thriving technological industry within the Millyard, our goals include: 

  1. Supporting HR professionals who not only have to “sell” the job and their organization as a whole, but also the Manchester community. 

  2. Supporting real-estate agents who are encouraging other tech companies to relocate here.

  3. Supporting job candidates. All of the companies listed below go a career page, where you see potential job openings without having to travel into Boston!

Our next step is to make this tool useable as a universal embeddable map:

We will continuously update the map as our Millyard expands and changes within the Downtown Manchester community.

This map is being illustrated by David Hady, Illustrator and Graphic Designer at Prosper Peak.


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