Greetings Changemakers! 

are there any crazy ideas Bouncing around in your head that YOU want to bring to life?

Manchester , NH was built upon innovation, and we’re on a mission to match more great ideas with resources and support. Let’s hear your ideas! We want to know: what can we do to help you launch your plans? Whether it is marketing support, funding, or finding you a company operator, we’re ready to listen. 


Here are some examples of recent #CrazyMHTideas


Bookery Manchester

Always a dream of @lizesc; She just needed to find the perfect business operator to make it a reality. Meet the manager/business operator: Liz Cipriano.




Mike became the owner and chief executive at Peddl after submitting to #CrazyMHTIdea in August, 2018. This 100% human-powered transportation service is also Manchester NH’s first pedicab!

So, Whats Your Crazy Idea?


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With each collaborative project, we are building a stronger community, together!