In 1966, a Manchester engineer envisioned the video game.

Ralph Baer and his signature Brown Box.

Ralph Baer and his signature Brown Box.

His name was Ralph Baer.

Baer was an inventor. With more than 150 patents awarded to him throughout his life, his whimsical approach to innovation has brought smiles and laughter to millions. His patented "Brown Box", later Odyssey pioneered the concept of interactive screens and from a home on the North End was born the global pass time of video gaming.

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“Coming up with novel ideas and converting them into real products has always been as natural as breathing for me.”



Baer Bench Commemorative Square

Artist Alexandra Bye's illustration of what the Baer Square may look like.

Artist Alexandra Bye's illustration of what the Baer Square may look like.


Our Mission

In the spring of 2019, there will be a new attraction in Manchester to remember Ralph Baer and we need your help to build it. 

We are building a commemorative square on the Riverwalk in the Millyard for the “Father of the Video Game”. 

Ralph’s passion for Manchester and advancing technology lives beyond his years in the development of our city and his story should be displayed to inspire others. Let's build a place to celebrate that and the future of our city together.




Baer's son, Mark is working with the Hitchcock family and John Clayton of the Manchester Historic Association to execute the square.

Amy Chhom has taken over management of the project while Kate Aiken returns to UNH Durham to complete her business degree.   Kate continues to remain involved in all aspects of the project. 

The completed square will reside on the edge of Arms Park on the Merrimack River and feature a bench and seated bronze statue of the late Ralph Baer rendered through innovative 3D-modeling techniques.