Reclaiming the former glory of the cities beautiful 19th-century mill buildings, Silicon Millyard is a bustling economic center that is now home to many of Manchester’s most thriving business’s.


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 The History of The Millyard Dates Back to 1831,

When our entire city was built from the ground up to become an Industrial Utopia. In those days, Manchester was the textile capital of the world, and Silicon Millyard, run by the Amoskeag Company, was its manufacturing hub.


The City that Wouldn’t die

After several years serving as the largest textile manufacturer on Earth, however, the Amoskeag Company began falling short to the newly-built plants of the industrial South. Unable to compete with the South’s cotton production and cheap labor,  the business model of the Amoskeag Millyard began to fail . They started burning coal rather than relying on water power for their machinery, and experienced several mass labor strikes in response to their demands for more hours and smaller wages. 

All hope seemed to be lost by Christmas Eve of 1935; the Millyard went into bankruptcy and began auctioning off the property. This city, however, was not willing to let the Millyard die off. Within ten days, relying on support solely within the city, Manchester was able to raise an astonishing $5 million dollars to purchase ownership of  Amoskeag’s 6.8 million square feet of manufacturing space.  

With the resilience and grit demonstrated by the people of Manchester, the city’s industrial potential lived to see another day. ..

 It Takes a Community to See This Type of Transformation 

With the community’s support, a wave of technological renovation is coming to Manchester once again. The once-prosperous industrial center that landed upon hard times, Silicon Millyard, has now become a prosperous ecosystem for technology firms. The mill buildings are now home to over 30 technology firms;


picture the dynamic and active work environment of Boston, with a much more reasonable cost of living within the city!


We’re on Our Way 

This high-tech focused area is buzzing with vibrant, innovative energy. The neighboring Universities offer the opportunity for many students to walk to their internships at tech firms and medical facilities nearby, earning Manchester the title of “#9 Most Underrated City for Millennials,’’ according to Conde Nast magazine. This area is once again becoming the bustling center of major economic opportunity in the southern New Hampshire region, bringing exponential room for growth to Manchester.